Read Quebec Summer_edited.jpg

For Read Quebec's Summer Literary Events List

Megaphone Collage.jpeg

Field guide of Vancouver's plant species for the Megaphone.

Capital Daily website.jpeg

For a Capital Daily article about the 'condo crisis'

Razor 2 website.jpeg

Illustration for The Razor literary magazine

New Found for Website.jpeg

Book cover for Newfound publishing.

Read Quebec.jpg

For Read Quebec's Summer Reading List

Event website 1.jpeg

1 of 6 spot illustrations for EVENT magazine

Event website 2.jpeg

1 of 6 spot illustrations for EVENT magazine

Razor 1 Website.jpeg

Illustration for The Razor literary magazine

Home 1 NF Quarterly_edited.jpg

For the Newfoundland Quarterly on the meaning of 'home'

Fleece Poster Website.jpg

Fleece + Spaceface Poster for Distortion Festival


Capital Daily article on 'long COVID.'


4 distinct drawings for PRISM magazine

Notes & Queries.jpg

Illustration for 'Canadian Notes & Queries'

Uncle Ed.jpg

Painted illustration for The Tyee article on the psychology of daydreaming. 

Read Quebec 01, 2022.jpg

For Read Quebec's article on local literary translators building the bridge from Quebec French to English

Cropped Sun Queen.jpg

Sun queen meets the bat family

Burger Heist 2.jpg

'Burger Heist'

T-Shirt Design

School Illustration v2.jpg

Illustration for about a one-room school in the small town of Goldbridge, B.C. The article was written by Daniel Wood and published after his death as a memorial piece. 

Quarantine Couple.jpg

Illustration for The Tyee article exploring intimacy and dating during the pandemic.


Illustration for the Vancouver newspaper, The Tyee. Article explores ARFID syndrome (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder).

tyee nov illu.jpg

Illustration for the Vancouver newspaper, The Tyee discussing First Nations designers of sustainable shelters.


Illustration for the Plateau Astro coloring book, which combines drawings of notable Montreal areas and astrological phenomena. 

Code Switching Illu Tyee.jpg

Illustration for about why "many people of colour feel more accepted via Zoom than in the office where white culture rules."


Illustration for an article in The Tyee which outlines various explanations for UFOs; An echo of the CIA's released statement about UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).  

Tar Sand Women.jpg

Illustration for Vancouver-based newspaper, The Tyee. Investigative article about the working conditions in Fort Mac, Alberta. 


Concert poster for 'Good Shows' promotion, Montreal.


Illustration for an article in The Tyee called 'Laughing Alone: An Exchange,' in which two colleagues compare their daily schedules in quarantine.